Welcome to PDX Spotlight

Hello and welcome to my new blog spot here at PDX Spotlight. It has been a blast to work here so far and we have broadcasted some great episodes already. The show seems to get better and better with each episode. PDX Spotlight is a volunteer based show, which includes a wonderful team of people. I have enjoyed being exposed to new music and new bands through this show. There are some truly talented artists in this area so this is a perfect way to spotlight these talents. It has also been a fun outlet for me with my photos and I have even dabbled in some video work. I have made some new friends here and found some new music worthy of support outside the show as well. I know there is a ton of info coming your way, but you should give this show a watch. The shows average about 30 minutes, which includes live in studio performance and band interview footage. It is available on Comcast and at http://www.pdxspotlight.com.

We can no longer rely on radio to push new music, which is too bad. If you take something like the new AC/DC album, I have yet to hear a track on the radio and that is really sad. It is a great rock record. You only hear the old stuff over and over and people like me are burned on it. Gone is the excitement of cranking that new song you have been dying to hear. The music business is too busy trying to go with what is safe or make a product that they think we all would want. In turn they have lost touch with what people really want. I miss the days when DJs had the freedom to play what they liked or try something new. We have a ton of great DJs in this town so let them be free again. A band like the Bangles happened for that very reason as an LA DJ did just that. It is sad to think of all the great bands who have been lost to this current process and never made it. There is another Jimi Hendrix or another Guns N Roses out there just waiting to be found. When a band like AC/DC does retire, who will carry the flag for rock? Will we as a people just play the same music over and over? Look for new music and listen to a full album and not just the “favorites.” Support local music stores like Music Millennium in Portland and buy items from the hard working bands at their merchandise table. That is where PDX Spotlight comes in. It gives people a chance to showcase new music and at no cost.  What a great way to be seen and heard in your home market. Hopefully, as these bands share the show’s info and get more people to watch, it will grow. The future of PDX Spotlight is bright but it can only stay alive with your help. Simply tuning in to the Comcast channel or watching it online is a start. We then need to pass it on via social media. These bands have a great opportunity here to showcase themselves and reach for that next level. I look forward to what is next here and working with new artists. We have some projects already in the works that excite me and I can’t wait to see them happen. If you don’t check out the show, you will be missing out. (After note – I finally came across a new music show on Kink recently. It’s 7 to 7:30 Monday thru Friday. Just wanted to give them credit)