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What is PDX Spotlight?

PDX Spotlight is a TV/Web series and podcast currently in production in Portland, OR. Our mission is to provide a showcase for musicians who may not have the resources to promote themselves at the level they deserve.  

Everyone on our team has a passion for music. Many are musicians themselves and all of us believe that we live in one of the most diverse music cities in the world.  As Portlanders we want to support our music scene by promoting local and touring acts and the venues that help bring the music to our town.  Our full production includes a band interview mixed with a live performance filmed with multiple camera angles and professionally mixed and mastered audio.  Wa also produce individual performance videos and periodical podcast interviews.  Although we ultimately need to pay the bills, we are a group of volunteers who do this because of our love of music.

If you are interested in working with PDX Spotlight please complete the form on our contact page.  If chosen for an episode or podcast we will collaborate with you or your management to determine the best format for your episode. 

Following the airing of the episode you will have access to the footage as well as any individual videos that we produce for you. You can use these assets on your own website, Facebook page or however you see fit to help promote yourself.

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