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We’re glad you’re interested in our show!  As you probably know, quality video and audio doesn’t come cheap.   We have set up a flat rate model that allows musicians to secure high quality video of their performance mixed with an informative interview.   Although we have other means of monetizing our show, we firmly believe that our relationship with our guests should be mutually beneficial.  therefore our only financial objective is to pay our bills.   All of our guests will benefit from our social and online presence and will own all final mixed and mastered audio files.  

Below is an overview of our standard service as well as our standard pricing for an appearance on our show.   If you’d like to customize a non episode related package please check our services page and let us know how we can help.   

$1200 flat fee covers everything below

Pre Production: 

A PDX Spotlight producer will work directly with you and the venue to ensure objectives are met during day of show.   This will include engagement with the venue production team, front of house audio and lighting.  We will manage all elements needed for the day of show so you just need to show up for the interview!  Bands and/or management will be required to communicate in a timely manner before and after the taping to ensure deadlines are met.  We will also need any relevant band information such as stage plots, set lists, interview preferences etc. 

On Site Video: 

PDX Spotlight will provide a minimum of 3 employees and 4 cameras for each live performance.  We will record the entire set with the objective of using footage for 4 songs.  We will often set additional static cameras and Gopros for additional interesting angles.  Note: We have learned that bands often prefer to choose the songs after the show itself.  This may be due to performance issues, review of the rough audio mix or other reasons. 


We will provide a professional audio engineer who will manage all elements of audio including multi-track recording of the entire set, coordination with front of house audio and final mixing and mastering of 4 songs (depending on song length).  Client will have 2 rounds audio review.    Note:  Venue will be responsible for all stage/mic set up.  PDX Spotlight can manage this for an additional fee.   

Video Post Production: 

PDX Spotlight will edit a 30 minute episode that includes 4 music videos and a band interview.  This multi-cam edit will include synchronization with final audio, basic titles, band graphics and color correction.  Bands will have 2 rounds of creative review.   


As part of our service we will produce an audio only version of the show that will air on iTunes and other podcast platforms.

Add On Options: 



  1. The above information does not ensure that you will be selected for the show.   We receive a large number of applications and sometimes it comes down to timing but we also evaluate how well a band will fit with our team and how committed they are tot he process.  
  2. Although we will do everything in our power to ensure that things like lighting and stage set up are at their best, these things are controlled by the venue.  Clear communication and coordination with a PDX Spotlight producer will be critical for a successful event. 
  3. Final high resolution files will be posted to our website and Youtube and can be provided via an online transfer service for no additional cost.
  4. Music copyright owners will be required to sign a simple contract that transfers all audio rights to the musician and gives PDX Spotlight broadcast rights.  Bands will not be considered without this.  

If you’re interested in appearing on the show please complete the form below or contact us directly at booking@pdxspotligh.com.  Please note that due to the volume of applications we will only reply if and when we are ready to discuss an episode.  

When Responding be sure to include as much info as possible, including:

Band or Artist Name

Contact Name


Artist bio 

Links to videos and/or music streaming sites

Any other relevant info (tour dates etc).  



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