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PDX Spotlight Extra is where you can find additional content – Here you can catch video versions of some of our podcasts, band interviews and live shows that never became part of an episode. Scroll far enough and you can even learn about our history.

Murs Interview

We sat down with hip hop artist Murs in April 2019. He was very gracious and shared his thoughts on the state of hip hop, information about is craft and his friendship with Nipsey Hustle who we lost this year.

Danko Jones Interview

We were lucky enough to run into Danko Jones in Jan ’19 at NAMM. He was just about to drop his new album “A Rock Supreme” and hit the road again so we feel lucky to have caught him when we did. What a nice guy!

Peter Frampton Live

2019 NAMM was off the hook and one of our highlights was the Gibson Jam where we were able to get up close and personal with Peter Frampton. Not only is he a legend but he’s still got it!

Jared James Nichols/Nancy Wilson

Jared James Nichols was a new name for us but is quickly making a name for himself. Here he is performing a classic Robin Trower tune with legend Nancy Wilson from Heart. …and yes, this is cell phone footage! Not bad!

Olea Records Album Release

Here’s a piece we produced for the launch of 2 new albums – One From Many and Alexis Keegan

Brion James - Live @ The Gemini

This was a bit run and gun and clearly no audio support. Brian James is the lead guitarist for The Dan Reed Network and this solo project includes heavy hitters Gary Fountain (Nu Shooz) & Kevin Rankin (A Flock of Seagulls).

Mett's, Ryan & Collins live from 5 Star Guitars

Geoff Metts and Dain Ryan from MRC give our host Natasha a little impromptu jam at 5 Star Guitars

Happy Birthday with Acoustic Minds

Sometimes we just have a little fun in the studio. Here’s The AM singing happy birthday to our co-producer/photographer Brent.

MUSA Fest Promo

Another promo we helped out with – This was a great night of soul including Liz Vice, Brownish Black, The Get Ahead, Speaker Minds and more.

Liz Vice Live from The Hawthorne Theater

Another early show for us. Again, just house audio but Liz sounds great.

Playing with Light with Young Skeezo

Time for a little experimentation with hip hop artist Young Skeezo

Tommy Tutone Live from The Crystal Ballroom

Part 3 – Same night as The Motels and Animation. One of our earliest recordings. If you grew up in the 80’s this song you won’t be able to stop singing this!

Animotion Live from The Crystal Ballroom

Part 2 – Same night as The Motels and Tommy Tu-Tone. One of our earliest recordings. How can you not love this song?

The Motels Live from The Crystal Ballroom

Part 1 – This was one of our earliest recordings. House sound, a little rough on the video…..but it’s one of our favorite 80’s bands, The Motels!

Oregon Music News/Blues Festival

Here’s a little piece we did for our pals at Oregon Music News at the 2014 Blues Fest

Sawtell on PRP

A little fun at the radio station

Screens: Live from The Secret Society

This is the first live show we ever shot. A couple cameras, house sound….figuring it out!

Aisle of View - In Studio

This is the FIRST footage PDX Spotlight ever shot. We asked the band to bring a couple people/instruments so we could test things out….they brought 7! We had 3 people on crew manning 5 cameras, audio and the control room. This is when we knew we could do it!
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