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The music of Goldfoot music transcends all cultures and demographics and creates a contagious musical experience using elements from the past, present, and future. While predominantly using rock, funk, and electronic music, you can also find blues, soul, and jazz within their sound. Paired with well-written and catchy lyrics, Goldfoot creates an irresistible cocktail of sound that leaves your ears asking for more.

Goldfoot first materialized in late 2013 when Trevor Forbess (vocals and rhythm guitar), Joe McClain (lead guitar), and Elijah Medina (bass) joined forces. The trio recorded The Goldfoot EP (released in 2014) before Ruth Heald began contributing vocals and percussion to the band. 2015 brought the release of Goldfoot’s second EP along with a music video for the title track, “On the Floor.”

Staying true to their mission to get people on the dance floor, Goldfoot maintains an active performance schedule throughout the Pacific Northwest. 


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