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Kaiya on the Mountain

CD front onlyIf Florence & The Machine and Alabama Shakes had a baby, Kaiya On The Mountain would be their love child.

This Portland Oregon based band consisting of Kaiya, Justyn, Jack, Matt and Liam all bring a special pizzazz to the sound that makes them who they are. Although the band is based in Portland, none of the members are actually from there. Every member moved from their respective hometowns to somehow eventually find each other and create what is now Kaiya On The Mountain. 
Singer, Kaiya Pelletier started out as a solo-artist in 2011 and began writing and performing shows in the Portland area. During this time, she began using Youtube as a means to share her music and currently has over 1.4 million views on her channel.  Kaiya self-released her debut EP ‘Full Of Creatures’ in October of 2014. During that same month, she made the decision to forgo being a solo artist and chose to put a band together. Guitarist Justyn joined the band in December 2014 and has continued as one of the founding members. 
Kaiya On The Mountain spent the beginning of 2016 working on their debut EP ‘Talking Wild’, which is scheduled for release on November 18th, 2016. The band has released two singles off the EP, ‘Karma’  on September 16th and ‘Risky’ on October 14th.
This youthful band has the music, the energy and the looks to back up their passion. They put on an unforgettable show and they’re all no older than 21. So if you like alternative folk-rock music with a southern flare, stick around. You might just fall in love.



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